5 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Green Living

Most people don’t know about Green Living. With ongoing problems like climate change, saving the planet is on the top of the priority list for most world leaders. Even countries like China and India have begun to contribute by replacing petrol/diesel/coal operated machines with electrical or solar operated machines. This post is intended to share with you some green living Twitter accounts to follow in 2020.

Here Are the 5 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Green Living

1) Green Living- @GreenLivingPage

The Green Living Show is a Toronto, Canada-based non-profit organization. They conduct regular exhibitions and seminars for those interested in learning more about living in a way that we can contribute to saving the environment. In their convention center, they invite world-famous speakers who have no other motto than to teach people about green life. Follow their Twitter page if you wish to attend any of their free exhibitions. They also keep people updated on the latest green products.

2) BBC Earth- @BBCEarth

Owned and operated by BBC Studios, BBC Earth is a nature-based factual television channel. You can get it on dish TV or television subscription apps for smartphones like Hulu. This list of best Twitter accounts to learn about This would be incomplete without mentioning BBC Earth. They are the ones who make the masses aware of climate changes taking place in various parts of the world. 

3) CleanOceanEnergy- @CleanOEnergy

CleanOceanEnergy is a UK-based organization focused on providing clean water to people living in poverty-stricken countries like Nigeria, Uganda, and Rwanda. They work with the UK’s best scientists and researchers to build new and innovative water filtration systems. To know more about their efforts, you can follow their Twitter page. They share Green Living-based Tweets, articles, and videos for you to enjoy.

4) World Wildlife Fund- @World_Wildlife

World Wildlife Fund or also popularly known as WWF is the world’s leading conservation organization. They have been around for the last 60 years. The primary goal is to help people who depend on animals for their livelihoods. 

In turn, they help wildlife too. In recent years, WWF has also contributed hugely to the conservation of water, food, and other natural resources. Follow their Twitter page to expand your knowledge on wildlife and change your perspective about everything.

5) The Green Living Guy- @greenlivingguy

The man behind this Green Living project is an electric car expert and a guru named Seth Leitman. For the last two decades, Seth has been working on products that save money, are nature-friendly and easy-to-use. 

Furthermore, he is also an author with  McGraw-Hill, the world’s largest publication house. Follow this Twitter page to learn more about how green living can transform your life.


Green living does not necessarily mean you should trash your current vehicles and purchase the new electric ones. You can contribute to the environment in more than one way. Use public transportation, buy mindfully, grow plants in your backyard, and segregate waste materials.

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