Turn Your Old Apple iBook G4 Into a Clock

Now that you’re planning on integrating the iPad into your daily browsing scene, you’ve been thinking of cutting down on some of your other gadgets since the iPad is supposed to be such an “amazing” browsing experience. Ok, that’s cool. Understandable. But it’d be a shame to just toss your old iBook G4 into the wind with the birds. There’s just gotta be another way.

And as usual, there is! With a little creative intuition you can transform the casing of the old iBook into a brand spanking new and exciting piece of geekery with the iBook G4 Clock mod. The mouse is even integrated a pendulum. If your not feeling up to the challange you can always purchase this one from Etsy for $75.

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  1. holy crap now i can have a use for my broken mac!.. minus the mouse it never had one, poor thing.

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