Turn Your Guitar Hero Controller Into a Working Instrument

Guitar Hero Synth Controller

Hot on the heels of the announcement that 17 new songs are being added to the Guitar Hero III lineup comes this bad ass hack that allows you to turn your controller into a working instrument. Just keep in mind that you will actually need some musical ability to play this thing – and getting through the expert levels on GH doesn’t make you a musician. It makes you a highly skilled fake musician.

If you are up to the task, the materials list and a link to an instructional video are available after the break. If you do attempt it, try and spend a little more time on the aesthetics. It’s a great hack, but the guitar looks like shit.

What you need:

  • Guitar Hero controller.
  • Duck tape.
  • PS2 to PC controller converter.
  • Nostromo Gamepad or other game controller with buttons.
  • Direct X.
  • Joy to Key.
  • Some programming skills.
  • Visual Studio or SharpDevelop.
  • Guitar Pro (or another midi program/sample set of notes).
  • Effects and an amp (optional).

A video demonstration and tutorial are available in the link below.

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