Trak Printer Attaches Right Onto Your Laptop


There are so many more options these days when it comes to sharing information, that printed media (and as a result, printers themselves) is becoming phased out more everyday. The Trak concept is the printer re-imagined for modern times. Everything is about mobility these days, so people want a printer that can be brought anywhere with them.

The Trak attaches right to the back of your laptop’s display. Featuring a detachable printer head and USB power, Trak has an ultra-compact design which most printers couldn’t manage to achieve unless humans somehow grew 10 times larger than their current size.


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  1. I want to buy this.wher can i got it

  2. Hi,
    I want to ask about price plz. for this printer?
    can you ship it to saudi arabia?


  3. I want to buy this printer?
    where can i got it?

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