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Folding Skateboard

Now here’s a concept we can really get behind. A folding skateboard concept designed by Jin-Seok Hwang. Dangerous? Probably, but c’mon, it’s skateboarding. This would make it much easier to bring a skateboard with you on a bike ride and would allow you to chuck it in a backpack and roll out. Though it’d really suck for this thing to ...

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Eco-friendly Lightsaber Packs A Mean Punch

Lightsabers are flippin’ cool but one can’t help but question their toll on the environment. Enter the Jedi Ecosaber, the lightsaber that wields a compact fluorescent bulb.� It’ll light up but, when it comes to slicing things in half, you’d be better off with a butter knife.� Redbubble is selling these t-shirts for $26.53, so grab yours before everyone in ...

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Trak Printer Attaches Right Onto Your Laptop

There are so many more options these days when it comes to sharing information, that printed media (and as a result, printers themselves) is becoming phased out more everyday. The Trak concept is the printer re-imagined for modern times. Everything is about mobility these days, so people want a printer that can be brought anywhere with them. The Trak attaches ...

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Canon released portable electronic dictionaries w/ MP3 playback

Canon has released two new electronic dictionaries to ease your spelling problems. The Wordtank M300 and the Wordtank V300 also have the ability to playback your MP3s. So while an iPod or some other portable audio device probably does the job better, this can serve as a quick alternative. Seeing as these are first dictionaries and second audio players, the ...

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NEO 808i compact mobile phone: Add it to your charm bracelet

When they say compact….they mean it. The 808i (as displayed after the jump as a pendant for a necklace) is the mini-me of mobiles. While its not the thinnest thing you’ve ever seen, it’s definitely a compact little thing. It’s actually a breath of fresh air to see a phone that doesn’t look like it will break from the power ...

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