Track Your Domino’s Pizza Order Via Terminal


I just ordered a Domino’s Pizza actually and while the whole Pizza Tracker idea is cool and all, I don’t really like the eyesore of the cheesy (pun intended) graphics flooding my screen real estate. I like to keep things simple, like my pizza. No BaconMozzzerellaTacoLovers Pie for me! Just a plain or one-topping pie in an ordinary box will do the trick.

Seems someone else felt the same way and decided to use the programing language of the gods, Python, to convert Domino’s Pizza Tracker for Terminal use. All you need to do is download the Python script and run it. Fill out the necessary information and voila, you’re tracking slices Linux/OS X/UNIX-style. About as exciting as a bento box with album art on the packaging to some. Awesome for pizza aficionados like myself.

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