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TiVo Delivers Pizza While You Get Fatter and Wiser

Ordering pizza from the comfort of your couch while watching your favorite television shows on DVR is now a realization. That is, if you’ve got a TiVo. Now that Netflix has bailed TiVo out, TiVo is getting smart by offering its customers a crucial feature that’ll prevent them from leaving their seat: pizza. A new Domino’s widget is available for ...

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Track Your Domino’s Pizza Order Via Terminal

I just ordered a Domino’s Pizza actually and while the whole Pizza Tracker idea is cool and all, I don’t really like the eyesore of the cheesy (pun intended) graphics flooding my screen real estate. I like to keep things simple, like my pizza. No BaconMozzzerellaTacoLovers Pie for me! Just a plain or one-topping pie in an ordinary box will ...

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