Toys�R�Us to stock thousands of PS3s and Wiis

toys r usToys�R�Us issued a press-release that will bring 12-30 year olds running back in the masses. The Toy superstore is said to receive large amounts of new inventory this week, right in time for Christmas. The 3 products that are attracting the most attention on this inventory list include the PS3, the Wii, and TMX Elmo. The numbers of toys distributed to the 587 Toys�R�Us in the US are as follows: 6000+ PS3 units, Thousands of Wii Units, and for those of you who really want to know, 65000+ TMX Elmos (wow that is a lot of tickling). Now is your chance for all of you guys who haven�t been to Toys�R�Us in 10 years (or 2 weeks for some of you) to run in screaming like a 10-year-old ADD kid who just can�t wait to get that new video game. — Nick Rice

Toys”R”Us Says it has Thousands of Wii, PS3 [I4U News]

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  1. but dont forget about the 18 year olds with ADD like me.

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