Tokidoki Style Laptop You Can’t Have

We don’t do many posts on Tokidoki, the Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand created in 2005 by Italian artist Simone Legno. But, for his latest creation, we’ll make an exception because we’ll never get to buy it. This limited edition Japanese exclusive Tokidoki styled laptop is made by Fujitsu. It’s called the FMV Loox and it’s advertised as an eco-friendly computer, how or why is beyond me.

If you like the computer, tough luck. It’s not coming to the states. Well, it’s coming to the states but it won’t have that sweet Tokidoki look to it. The computer will be available state-side in the next six months and should retail for around $1,100. Not quite the Michael Arrington price considering it’s lacking decals. What a bummer.

At least we get the satisfaction of sporting Kid Robot sunglasses.

Here’s a pic of me zonked out of my skull at Comic-Con in New York City with Tokidoki designer Simone Legno.

My Evan Dorkin t-shirt rules.

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