Tips For People That Are Planning to Try to Hit The Road And Try The Motorhome Lifestyle


The bug for leading a motorhome life and hitting the road bites almost everybody. Despite the rampant romanticisation and it’s a frequent presence on media, it is both easy and convenient to lead a motorhome lifestyle and at the same time a massive shift and readjusting yourself if you’ve been used to a more stable form of accommodation. Firstly, it is essential to understand your needs and the kind of vehicle that will suit your purpose. More often than not, people end up choosing the wrong type of motorhome for themselves. With multiple options available, one must always think of all the reasons behind wanting to purchase the best motorhome and what purpose it is going to serve. Some buy it for road trips; some choose to lead a regular life, ditching the stable structure of a house and shifting on wheels.

To make it easier for all those who are thinking of trying this for the first time, we have a couple of tips for you, if you wish to hit the road and try the motorhome lifestyle.

Lifestyle or hobby?

One of the first aspects that you must take care of is why you wish to purchase a motorhome. Some people might want to adopt it as a lifestyle, and for some, it might just be a hobby. It is entirely natural, to begin with one and then move into another phase of your experience with the motorhome lifestyle, however, having the purpose in mind would narrow down the plethora of options that are made available to you.

In the UK, no law, rules or regulations prevent you from adopting a motorhome lifestyle. However, many areas have restrictions on where you can park your vehicle. It sounds convenient to be able to carry your home with you all the time, but there are places where you might not be allowed to park your vehicle or spend the night. It is always advisable to look up beforehand about the area you’ll be parking to know whether there are any rules or restrictions regarding the parking of the vehicle.

As convenient as it sounds to be able to carry your home along with you, wherever you go, one of the most obvious problems that eventually or immediately arises is the limited space that is available to you.

  • Storage

Given the limited space as mentioned earlier, the storage becomes a significant issue when you choose to lead a motorhome lifestyle. For a trip, it is very convenient, for you know how long you’ll be gone and you can stack up accordingly. However, once you start living in your motorhome, it is essential to adopt a minimalist lifestyle along with the motorhome lifestyle. You can always repeatedly stack up things by visiting the stores according to your convenience for your home is also your vehicle. At the same time, adopting minimalism makes it a lot more economical and viable option. The trick is to be able to create more space in the limited area. By using smaller carton boxes and other smaller appliances, one can create more space. It is also essential to keep the space mess-free. Given the smaller surface area, it is easier to clean your motorhome than begin cleaning an entire house which will leave you with much free time to do other things.

  • Washroom and RV Tank

One of the most important factors for people often quitting the motorhome lifestyle is the issue of the smaller washroom and the water availability in them. Like every other electronic gadget and vehicle, a motorhome also needs regular maintenance and care which does incur some expense. To keep your washroom clean, fix your water supply and also check your tank for fuel, is an added task, which if forgotten, might make your home on wheels, challenging to live in.

  • Solar Panels and LED Lights

Electricity is another factor that needs to be kept in mind when you switch to a motorhome lifestyle. Using Solar Panels for the lighting system within your vehicle and LED lights to save up on power, is one of the best ways to reduce your electricity expenditure and also protect the environment by judiciously using and conserving electricity.

  • First Aid

This is something that is definitely not limited to motorhomes but is also an essential element in leading a healthy motorhome lifestyle. Having a first aid kit, equivalent to something that you would use and feel comfortable within a household before help arrives is extremely important.

It is always an adventurous idea to hit the road and try and consider the motorhome lifestyle. However, to adopt this lifestyle, the shift from a house to a vehicle is not just a physical movement but also a mental adjustment. Moreover, to make your vehicle as homelike as any other house, it is important to make yourself comfortable with the idea of it and arrange all the amenities beforehand.

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