Time Traveler Caught Talking on Mobile Phone in 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film

Now THIS is weird. George Clarke from Yellow Fever Productions was watching a documentary clip filmed in 1928 for the Charlie Chaplin film “The Circus” and he saw something that caught his eye. The clip in question recorded attendees of the film’s premiere at Manns Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA. In one scene, an older woman dressed in black, with most of her face hidden behind a large hat, is seen walking down the street by herself, quietly talking into a black device that looks eerily like a modern mobile phone. George’s conclusion? It’s a time traveler dressed in drag.

While theories abound, some claim the device seen in this scene is an old-timey hearing aid. But a few things remain unclear. First off, electronic hearing aids were not wireless in 1928. Also, there is no one in sight for the woman to be listening to or talking to. But to the other side’s defense, there would have been no cellphone towers in 1928 to inhibit the use of a mobile phone. But who knows. Maybe this time traveler is from a time we have yet to reach — a time where cellphones don’t need towers. Or maybe it’s a German spy. We might never know. I know it’s not too far in the future because it’s not a white iPhone. But damn, if it’s not intriguing… Hit the jump to see the video.

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  1. @blah: haha, slightly too elaborate of a set up to fit whatever this device seems to be.

  2. If this person is from our future; apparently, the era in which they exist still lacks the technology to cure obesity. Unless this person is one hell of a “dandy”; only women wore hats with feathers on the front — I conclude that this is a woman. I ponder how one would be capable of traveling to the past beyond their own birth date in which they would cease to exist. You would have to be protected by a type of temporal riff. I postulate that this is a being from another solar system.

  3. She’s holding a chunk of ice wrapped in a napkin up against the side of her face.

    1920’s dentistry would probably have left many people in that predicament.

  4. Voice Recorder? It would be an odd way to hold one but they did exist during this time.

  5. Let�s see. Time traveler who brought along her cell phone and a couple of cell phone towers and maybe a satellite so she could talk to . . . ah, the other time traveler who also brought a cell phone along. Got it. Makes sense.

  6. Like the time travel idea but occam’s razor has to apply, the simplest theory is the most likely. She is a whack job who talks to herself! The chinese theatre isn’t in the best part of LA so in order to protect herself she holds her black gloves up to her ear and starts babbling – easiest way to scare off other nutters is to be the weirdest thing on the street.

  7. Do you people reli think time travel is not real !
    This may not even be a women but a time lord trying to fit in
    that hasn’t quite worked !
    you can tell it’s a phone and if you can’t then you don’t have a brian
    anything is possible

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