The Wii Sqweeze Is Wii Fit For Your Upper Half

After a four hour session of some intense yoga training on the Wii Fit, Vince and I like to work our upper body so we can maintain our rugged Latin features and impress the ladies at nightly gatherings. That’s where InterAction Laboratories’ Wii Sqweeze comes into play. It brings the Nintendo Wii one step closer to a full-blown gym and another step away from being a video game system.

Once Vince and I wrapped our fingers around the Wii Sqweeze, we knew exactly what game we had to play to get those muscles flexing: Beijing 2008. The event? Weightlifting, of course! I chose some random Ukrainian guy and Vince went with the Hungarian who dislocated his elbow. After that, we were off to making disgusting grunting sounds while accidentally forcing our innards out of our anuses. Needless to say, It wasn’t fun and now I’m resting my ass on an ice pack as a I write this. Thanks a lot, Nintendo.

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