The update on MySpace

myspaceBy now everyone in the world knows all about MySpace, and everyone and their mom has one in America. It was cool back when you were a freshman in high school, but once you get out of that stage then its time to either delete it altogether or keep it but don�t be completely obsessed over it. It is a little funny when people pour all of their emotions into their page, so maybe some of those obsessed kids (or adults) should keep theirs just for our own comic relief. It seems as if MySpace wants to dominate more of the world, for they are opening up the flood gates to France. It is said that MySpace is doing this to attract more users; doesn�t MySpace already have enough users? I mean, are 145 million people or whatever not enough for the �great� MySpace? Maybe they just realized that everyone is getting entirely sick of it, and so they need fresh meat (AKA Europe) to fill the void. One thing is for sure: MySpace is losing popularity. The stats tell it like it is: YouTube has just past MySpace on Alexa. Yes folks, the trend is changing; people would now rather see people make stupid movies than read blogs from emo kids. — Nick Rice

MySpace welcomes French friends [CNN] and YouTube overtakes MySpace on Alexa [techmeme]

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