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Master Chief Cufflinks

My emotions aren’t the only thing I wear on my sleeve. No, I’m not some 14-year-old emo kid, I’m not talking about bandages around my wrists so don’t go calling the psych ward just yet. I’m talking about these awesome Master Chief Cufflinks. They go perfectly with my Master Chief jewelry. Ok, NOW you can go call the psych ward. ...

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Bulletproof Heart Will Save Your Poor Emo Soul

If you’ve been looking for that perfect gadget to give your little bratty 12-year-old daughter who just happens to find My Chemical Romance “mucho suave,” as the kids say these days, the bulletproof heart, designed by Jrg Hltje, might be just the ticket to insure she is the coolest little hipster bitch in her middle school. Strategically designed to ward ...

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The FuChat Detects Anger and Responds With It

Apparently, eco-friendly WiFi routers aren’t the only thing D-Link is in to. The FuChat, as it so appropriately named, is a cordless phone capable of making internet and land-line phone calls. That’s not all, this phone also has the function to detect changes of tone in a persons voice and changes in body temperature, alerting the user of their current ...

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The update on MySpace

By now everyone in the world knows all about MySpace, and everyone and their mom has one in America. It was cool back when you were a freshman in high school, but once you get out of that stage then its time to either delete it altogether or keep it but dont be completely obsessed over it. It is a ...

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