The Super Mario theme has lyrics?

Despite our love for the infectious theme of the Super Mario Bros. game, we never knew the melody had actual lyrics to go along with the tune. The song is actually called “Go Go Mario”. The video above has both the Japanese and English versions. It’s intriguing to us that we are only learning now about these lyrics. What else is Nintendo hiding from us?!

It’s like discovering your favorite book is actually an adaptation from a screenplay! — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. She just goes along with the main melody, so its not that drastic of a change

  2. No, Chad,

    she’s not going ALONG with the melody, she IS the melody.

    the music in the game replaces the melody of the vocals with the electronic synth sound we know and love, because, alas, 8 bit sound can not recreate the human voice. Durrrrr

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