The North Face E-Tip Texting Glove

The North Face, fine maker of all things winter-esque, has released a set of gloves called the E-Tip. Aside from being extremely warm and skin-tight, the fingertips are made from some special material that’s woven with silicon, silver and some other crazy stuff that lets you use the iPhone or T-Mobile G1 without having to remove the gloves. Some might complain about the $40 price tag, but trust me from experience when I say that there is no better outfitter for the winter than The North Face. The gloves even have a bit of a Tron look to them. Schweet!

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  1. What a rip off. Dot Gloves are much much cheaper and work just as well, not to mention look like regular gloves. These ones look like biking gloves or something.

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