The Invention Of The Helmet Chair…

Earthquakes are a serious concern for a number of regions which is why, as strange as this helmet chair might look, it’s a pretty nifty invention all the same.

Helmet Chair

This strange looking contraption is called the Mamoris chair and functions as an everyday chair with a hidden alter-ego. Come earthquake time the back of the chair comes off and serves as a sturdy helmet to protect the head and neck in the event of falling debris or structure collapse. The Mamoris chair debuted at this year’s Tokyo Designers Week, and is a proactive approach towards reducing the severity of earthquake impact.

The helmet section of the Maamoris chair detatches easily and quickly with the turn of a knob on the top of the chair and quickly flips over to provide head, neck and upper back protection. Take a look at this video explaining the chair and its function.

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