The Champions of Mobile Casino Gaming Share their Secret Tips

Secret tips

Mastering any skill takes time and effort, but it also takes a little know-how. If you’ve always wondered how come the same people manage to win casino tournaments over and over, reading this article is the right move. We’ve spoken to some of the biggest social gamers and got valuable tips on how to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. Here they are, in all their glory: 

Practice makes winners

Every player we’ve spoken with mentioned that they were not always slot winners and had to climb their way to the top of the gaming charts. Every social game has its own rules and tricks, and in order to learn them all you have to put in the time and spin, spin, spin. Try different games, ideas and methods and find out what works best for you. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of fun practicing.

Stick to your favorites

There are so many different casino games to choose from, one might get caught up in the FOMO and try to play and win them all. If this sounds familiar, we recommend focusing on a few of your favorite games instead of hopping from one slot to the next. Whether these are strong brands straight from the heart of Vegas like the ones you’ll find on 88 Fortunes, or new and exciting slots that are only available on mobile – take your pick and start spinning.

Think (and spin) fast!


The best players are also the fastest. After choosing the games you wish to focus on, your next step should be working towards improving your speed and winning tournament after tournament. But hey, don’t take it from us! The successful players we’ve consulted with said that every second counts and the quicker they were on their feet (or their fingers, actually), the better their results got.

If you too are a mobile casino expert, we’re sure that you have your own tips to share with other aspiring slot champions. Feel free to comment and let us know just what it is that takes your social gaming skills to the next level!

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