Why Mobile Gaming is Gaining Popularity Over PC Gaming

The mobile gaming industry has been witnessing steady growth since 2012; otherwise, in 2008, it was struggling for sales and credible recognition. App store and iPhone launches really set the ball rolling, and now you can’t find a single device with not one game on it. Soon free to play games started ruling the markets and as a result, these games were being downloaded by millions of users and made millions for the games’ developers.


The reason behind the growing popularity of mobile gaming could be the easy accessibility of the device to millions of users. The scale of the mobile market is huge, and there are said to be billions of mobile gamers. Not everyone has a PC or gaming console, but most do have a mobile phone. The accessibility of the device makes the reach of these games to many more than PCs, switches, and consoles.

Phones are one of the must-haves in today’s times. They save you from awkwardness in public – may it be the waiting room, a line, or public transport. They are great to pass your time when needed. People scroll through social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. They play games like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, PUBG, etc. Some people take their mobile gaming habits a step further by making money via gaming like playing slots and cards at online casinos like Pink Casino.

For the current generation, mobiles have become their first computers, so everything we did on our computers they do it on their phones, including gaming. The rise of mobile gamers started in Southeast Asia. With a large number of population indulging in mobile gaming, a boom in total mobile game revenues have been seen in the past couple of years and is said to keep growing.

The rise isn’t just solely the revenue driving force; it also influences what sort of mobile games the developers need to create in order to make it successful in the gaming market. It shows what aspect works the most and that is incorporated in future games, making the games a popular choice because of the data-based development objective of the game.

Mobiles as a device being more convenient whenever needed and needing next to no setups have a huge appeal to a wide range of demographics. Like gaming consoles, there’s no one age group dominating the charts. Mobile games are convenient and enjoyable for kids to adults. Even adults who criticize video games can be seen playing games on mobile phones because they are easy to understand and helps them deal with boredom or take a break between tasks.

With the kind of ad revenue that this area of the gaming industry generates, it becomes easier for game developers to develop games targeted to lure different demographics and make it into a profitable venture. All things considered, it makes sense that mobile gaming is gaining more popularity and will continue to be on the rise.

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