The Best Tech Newsletters To Subscribe To Now!

The internet bombards us with so much information on the daily, It’s either in the form of videos, blogs or those quirky IGTV snippets. Over time this vast amount of media becomes hard to process.

 And let’s be honest most content on the internet can be a bit bland. Finding that really good article will probably have taken you to 10 other band articles. 

This is where newsletters come in. Newsletters if you are unfamiliar, are carefully curated pieces that have a certain theme and are sent out to members who have subscribed to it.

They cut out the clutter and deliver the content right to your inbox! Some newsletters give a general roundup of a certain topic while others take deep dive into a topic. There is something for everyone!

Here we take a look at some of the best newsletters you can subscribe to today!

The Download

A lot of tech today is synonymous with gadgets like phones and laptops. But tech is more than that. In this newsletter, we get a curated list of all the emerging technologies in the world. 

It is curated by the MIT Technology Review meaning that the content is sure to be highly informative and also not something easily available on the internet. 

This newsletter promises to give you the best and latest in technology. Since it is a daily newsletter, new developments are updated frequently always keeping you at the cutting edge. You can sign up for the newsletter here.

MIT technology

Benedict’s Newsletter

This is a very long-standing newsletter, it was started all the way back in 2013 by Mr Benedict Evans to curate a list of interesting articles and news he found online.

Ben is associated with the famous VC firm Andreeson Horowitz meaning that the list is usually tech heavy. But it does cover a broad range of subjects within tech making it a very exciting read.

There are two subscription levels. The free option gives you access to all the info barring a special column that comes out on Sundays for the premium subscribers.

You can check out the newsletter here and sing up!



This is a very apt name for a newsletter cause newsletters are just that! They are the TLDR post to the internet!

This is a tech newsletter that provides you all the news from the world of tech but also goes a step further by telling you about new tools, software, and more!

The newsletter offers a very easy to read interface which makes reading very enjoyable.The newsletter comes in daily to your inbox and is also free. 

You can sign up here.


Bizarro Devs

Bizarro Devs is surely a newsletter that is going to up your cool game! It provides a list of all crazy and wacky links from the world of tech. It is sure to fetch you those slack reactions from your colleagues.

It is curated by the team at ThemeIsle and you can be sure to find some good stuff. Check out this link to see for yourself how intriguing these links are!

It is a free weekly newsletter and you can check it out here.


We hope you found these recommendations helpful! Let us know if you have any more suggestions for cool newsletters!

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