Couponing for the Tech Savvy


Couponing no longer applies to cutting small pieces of paper from weekly ads that show up with your Sunday newspaper, and gone are the days of those pesky Valpak envelopes that used to make you weep for trees. Retailers have got a little brighter and a little bit more rad in the current climate. With most of us consumed with our personal devices and online content, we tend to shop, eat and entertain ourselves online–so, why not coupon that way?

Shop Savvy

Scouring the interweb for coupon codes, promo codes, vouchers and more? Look no further than stores like Home Depot, Shutterfly and Nordstrom. These websites offer DIY supplies, gifts and fashion for less. Need a coupon code? Check out websites like Groupon. Not only do they have vouchers for food and entertainment, they also provide free coupon codes for fifty to ninety percent off the purchase price.

Coupon Apps

Simply download a coupon app, scour your favorite stores for deals, and hold your phone up to be scanned by the lovely person checking you out at the service desk. No, it is not too good to be true. Coupon apps help you keep track of the latest deals, send you notifications on up to date sales, and let you share those little codes with friends and family for free. It’s like having a personalized coupon elf in your pocket for last minute savings.

Member Offers and Email Sign Ups

Some of those members only websites are absolutely atrocious. Stay away from anything that says ‘freebies’ and ‘lady deals’, it’s probably a scam. What you can count on are the truth behind free shipping, discount codes, promo codes, and members only deals from websites that just want your email. Simply create a shopping only email on gmail to block pesky spam from your personal or work email, and watch the deals roll in on everything from food to fashion. You can find a lot of legitimate deals on websites like Groupon who offer member sign up deals for free.

Free Text Alerts

Some retailers offer free food, drinks, and other perks through member sign up for text alerts. You can find these codes online through various sources with expiration, but most retailers offer discounts monthly when you sign up. This is a good way to cut costs in simple places, get meal deals right on your phone, or score free popcorn at the cinema. When you want them to stop, simply send ‘STOP’ to the retailer.

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