The Best Screen Protector to Drive Gawkers and (Visual) Hackers Away

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Infiltrated, compromised or otherwise breached cell phones, sadly, continue to be the scourge of this digital age.

As mobile phones have gotten a lot smarter, they have become more like computers and less like phones, thus vulnerable to hacking.  But unlike laptop or most desktop computers, cell phones are always on hand, and are filled with more confidential information. So a carelessly operated phone can lead to an invasion of your privacy.

There is a completely new form of hacking that you- and perhaps the company you work for- may not be equipped to contend with- visual hacking.

Visual Hacking Explained

We’re all tired of the prying eyes peeping into our mobile phones everywhere. Aren’t we? It’s that dude on the subway sitting next to you. Perhaps it is the lady in line right behind you at the movie theater. Or that hidden camera in the ATM or the ceiling mounted camera in the library that spies on you without you knowing it.

This is all visual hacking is all about. Put simply, it is the act of capturing or viewing confidential, sensitive and private personal or business data for unauthorized use.

A shocking research report suggests that a single piece of information can lead to a potential large scale data breach. Now that is a serious threat to organizations.

This is how you curb Visual Privacy

Visual privacy, if it sounds new to you, is the serious threat of data being visually accessed via screens.

If you really do not want sensitive data such as personal information or private business data to be read from your mobile phone screen without your knowledge either by a person standing nearby or an overhead camera, you need to think about something keeps your data safe from the eyes of the peeping toms.

This is where the 3M Privacy Screen Protector comes in handy. The exact product I reviewed was 3M Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 6, which is a 4-way privacy screen for iPhone 6.

What does it do?

These screen protectors do more than protect your mobile phone screens from the odd scratches, cracks, gashes, stains and dints: they shield your identity, sensitive personal information and confidential financial data.

I have been testing it out for a few days now, and the way it works is actually quite simple. When you look at your mobile phone from the front, every single thing on the screen from top to toe is clearly visible. No mirror like reflections and glare issues that you can expect from a glossy screen. However, if you tilt your phone to the side, surprisingly, you can hardly read anything. Most of the screen goes dim with everything graying out, making it completely hard to discern anything. This means that the inquisitive eyes of the person nearby only gets to see a darkened screen.

The Pros and the Cons

Like any other good quality screen protector, this 3M Privacy Screen Protector won’t restrict you from enjoying the common features of your phone, including microphone, speakers, front facing camera and the home button.  And, its high quality finish ensures that the feel and look of the device you love remains intact. Just the way you want it. The clarity is so good you cannot even tell you have a screen protector on your phone. It won’t take you long to put it on your phone. It comes off easily as well.

2015-07-08 16.52.49The only minor gripe is that the screen will look a tad darker- something you can live with given the amount of personal and confidential data at stake.

3M, the industry leader in visual privacy solutions, has used advanced technology to roll out yet another screen protector that promises to offer complete protection to mobile phone users from gawkers.

If you are at the helm of your organization, now is the time to curb the threats of losing invaluable organizational data to visual hacking.  The last thing you want is to have your confidential information revealed in a way that could have been avoided.

Apart from screen protectors for phones, 3M also has a wide range of product selections for computers, laptops, tablets and more.

2015-07-08 16.53.30

Keeping your laptop information confidential can be as much of a no-brainer as securing all doors before leaving your home. The best way to do this is with 3M Privacy Filter for Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display. This lightweight screen protector boasts a frameless, thin design and fits your Apple MacBook Pro like a charm. Designed to protect your data from prying eyes, it allows you to see the information on your laptop display clearly, while people on either side can barely see anything. 

Have you ever lost your mobile phone data?

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