The Best Mobile Trading Apps in 2019

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Few years ago, forex trading required us to make phone calls to stockbroker to execute forex trade transactions. We had to pay a charge to stockbroker who costed us an arm and a leg, but thanks to new mobile trading apps innovations that have changed the way forex trading works. As a result of increase adoption of mobile trading apps, forex trading has attracted more mobile users and we have witnessed tremendous increase in numbers of the users. In 2019, mobile apps have continued to be innovated, the existing ones have seen changes and modification to become better and meet user’s needs. We are going to analyze the best trading apps starting from the best based on user friendliness of the app, good search function, price alerting and order confirmation and how secure the app is.

Metatrader 4 mobile trading app

The first major and the best of all other forex trading apps is metatrader 4 mobile app that makes trading easy for us. It costs us just to download the metatrader 4 mobile trading app to enjoy forex trading at the comfort of our beds. It not only facilitates a live access to global trading markets but also helps in making the right decisions when placing orders. Metatrader 4 mobile app has grown and it is mostly popular in forex, futures and CFD markets.

We have two versions of Meta Trader, Meta Trader 4(MT4) and Meta Trader 5(MT5). Meta trader 4 mobile app is a world’s most popular mobile forex trading platform that is used by forex traders due to its flexibility and analytical functionality. It is licensed to forex brokers and it is downloaded free of charge directly from the official Metaquotes website. Clients who have trading accounts, use it to  manage their accounts and view live streaming of prices, charts and place orders.

metatrader 4 mobile trading app works in Android, windows and  iPhones mobile phones. It is a full-fledged trading app that is powered by mobile phones. The app has different modules that allow choosing from hundreds of brokerage companies that assist in doing forex trading by setting orders. It has all that one needs to be a successful forex trader. It has a complete set of orders, interactive charts that allows one to speculate with assistance of technical analysis. Metatrader 4 mobile app has a very powerful functionality that makes it easy for one to trade forex in any part of the world.

TD Ameritrade

The app belongs to Toronto-Dominion Bank and is ideal for beginners as it offers training just as metatrader 4 mobile app. It helps in planning and has different option in doing complex trading. It also has notifications module that can be of great help in alerting users on new updates, which also supported by metatrader 4 mobile app.   

Robinhood App

Although it is not the best compared to metatrader 4 mobile trading app, it can still deliver. It is a simple and basic app which is free to use. It has different planes, from standard plan to premium membership, which is the best. Through its app search bar, it is possible to search specific firm and help to get information about it and monitor the flux of the company’s revenues and investment. Advantage with Robinhood app is that accessing deposit of less than $1000 is instant and there is not waiting for three business working days.


Skilled traders are encouraged to use this app. Unlike metatrader 4 mobile app, which fits all users, the newbie and the experience, this app is quite complex and can only fit the highly experienced traders. It is available for android, windows and Iphones mobile phones. Even though it is complex, but it is powerful when it comes to monitoring and analyzing. For one to buy stock he needs to pay $6.95, which is free in metatrader 4 mobile app.

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