The $14 Cellphone Is Coming To Venezuela


Huge Chavez and his wacky regime have a plan for the people of Venezuela. Instead of investing capital, time and effort into low-cost laptops, similar to that of the OLPC, Chavez is betting on the cellphone. Reports claim that the handset will be called El Vergatario and will feature a camera, an MP3 player and a radio. Hey, you gotta get your propaganda somehow.

Still, costing about $14, a cellphone of this caliber at such a low price will allow more and more people in poorer and rural areas the ability to communicate with each other on a digital, real-time level. As for the device itself, the Vergatario will be made in China by Vetelca, a company owned both by Chavez’ government and Chinese company ZTE. Pays to play, huh?

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  1. Bonnie McFadden

    As a former American lawyer now living and teaching in Venezuela, I need to correct the mis-statements in your posting. There is nothing whatsoever “wacky” about President Chavez and his government. On the contrary, he is a brilliant visionary who is implementing programs which have brought enormous improvements into the lives of the majority of Venezuelan people.

    Some of those improvements are in the area of electronics: Venezuelan is already producing cheap computers and distributing them to students and villages throughout the country. The computers are being produced in Venezuela.

    The new, cheap cell phones are likewise being produced in Venezuela.

    Having a good communication system is essential to the economic development of the country. President Chavez recognizes that has recently launched a communications satellite which will bring internet access to every part of Venezuela.

    There are many Americans who would be very, very grateful for cheap computers, cheap cell phones and cheap internet access. There is much in Venezuela which the U.S. government would do well to copy.

  2. Love the pic, is that real or photoshopped? They are trying to make it look like the Cuban revolutionairy ones!

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