TEXTile: Recycled Keyboard Keys Find Purpose Again

Jean Shin is pretty cool. First, we saw her bizarre melted wave of vinyl records (we hope no Journey vinyl was used.) Now, we’re taking a look at Jean Shin’s TEXTile, an interactive sculpture that’s comprised of 22,528 recycled keyboard keys that are fashioned in a way to make it appear as a tapestry. At its base is a customized active keyboard which works with interactive software, so anything you type becomes part of the sculpture when it is displayed on the video projection.

If you just so happen to be in the Philadelphia area, check out the Permanent Collection of Fabric Workshop and Museum. TEXTile and some of Jean Shin’s other work can be found there. If you find that some of the keys on the TEXTile are a little sticky, stay away from them. These are recycled keys, after all.

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