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One-Stop iPhone 3rd Generation Rumor Round-Up Chart

TGR created this awesome rumor round-up chart for the rumored upcoming third generation iPhone (full-size here). The new iPhone will likely be revealed at WWDC or a special Apple event. Which of these features do you see becoming a reality, come the official unveiling? Link

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TEXTile: Recycled Keyboard Keys Find Purpose Again

Jean Shin is pretty cool. First, we saw her bizarre melted wave of vinyl records (we hope no Journey vinyl was used.) Now, we’re taking a look at Jean Shin’s TEXTile, an interactive sculpture that’s comprised of 22,528 recycled keyboard keys that are fashioned in a way to make it appear as a tapestry. At its base is a customized ...

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Melted Vinyl Wave Caused By CDs

We’ve seen a lot of artists this month. From Nikki Cook‘s comics to Adam Stennett‘s oil paintings, we just can’t get enough! The latest to grace our inbox is Korean artist Jean Shin. The above picture is her sculpture called “Sound Wave,” which is made solely out of melted vinyl records to express the awareness of rising technology which renders ...

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