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Recycled Guitar String Bracelets

If you rock hard enough, eventually your guitar strings are going to break. And if they don't, you're doing something wrong. Typically you'd just chuck the old string in the garbage, grab a new pack and replace the string. Wear Your Music has figured out a way to creatively recycle the strings as bracelets.

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Necktie Made Out of Recycled Cassette Tapes

All of those cassette tapes being thrown into our trash dumps are really starting to add up. Piles and piles of Journey tapes lie waste, just waiting for a superhero to come and recycle them into a constructive use. If you don’t have the patience to create an artist’s likeness with the innards of a cassette, maybe these Recycled Cassette ...

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Turntable Clock Made Using Actual Recycled Turntable

Let’s keep the scratchin’ going to the early morn. Yeahhhh, boooooy. Made using an old, retired Fischer turntable and a rockin’ Doobie Brothers vinyl album, the Turntable Clock WAS available on Etsy, but has since sold out. I’m guessing there was only one available in the first place, but who knows, more might pop up if you’re lucky, Link [via]

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Recycled Plastic Lampshade

Titled “The Renovation Lampshade”, this beautiful design is the creation of Daria Burlinska and Wojtek Traczyk. The team came up with the idea through cast off plastics and organic lines. I think it looks absolutely beautiful, though a bit like crumpled up paper in a waste bin. Link

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Blow Me: Hoodies Made From Used Blow Up Dolls

I’m going to go out on a limb here and take a guess that designer Mama Anders loves to fuck. I mean, why else would she have dozens of blow up dolls with which to make clothing out of? It’s clearly the only logical reasoning here. Nevertheless, I’m sure you already want one of these hoodies. They look fashionable as ...

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TEXTile: Recycled Keyboard Keys Find Purpose Again

Jean Shin is pretty cool. First, we saw her bizarre melted wave of vinyl records (we hope no Journey vinyl was used.) Now, we’re taking a look at Jean Shin’s TEXTile, an interactive sculpture that’s comprised of 22,528 recycled keyboard keys that are fashioned in a way to make it appear as a tapestry. At its base is a customized ...

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