Take THREE SIM cards on the same phone


As if taking 2 SIM cards on a phone is not enough, you can now shove 3 SIM cards into one single phone, the Huatian K998. Sadly, you’ll not be able to receive calls from more than one line at a time, like the Doubao 728. Nonetheless, this is cool for people traveling between dualband countries all the time (think Austria, Germany and Switzerland), or switching between three aliases (significant other #1, #2, #3).

Other functions will include a 3″ touch screen, a 1.3 megapixel camera and a microSD slot. All you need is 200 bucks and a trip to China. — Sam Chan



  1. This is a good idea, but if they make it 3 band and PDA qwerty keyboard will be a perfect phone for me. I carried 3 phones sometime, most the time is only 2. one Cingular, 1 T mobile and one prepaid Tmobile for SMS ( because prepaid is cheaper than permanent text to out of country cost $ 0.15

  2. It will be better if the the three lines work simulteneously this will be the beauty of the the three line concept

  3. i’m looking for 3 SIM CARD PHONE
    pls inform if any supplier and also how i can buy them

  4. sorry touazi, but no dice.

    try google. you should have some luck there.

  5. wow sick out the three sim phone i would never think of that they would make a three sim phone thats cool

  6. Really if the phone doesn’t receive calls from all 3 sims at once what is the point?

    The Dogs B phone invention would be a 4 sim card phone that has all the phones live at the same time able to send and receive calls. This is the only way to get ultimate value from networks.

    I’m an addict on saving money on phone calls – I have one sim for calling/texting abroad, one sim work phone, one sim personal UK phone and a spare sim card slot to put in a local sim card for whichever country I maybe travelling in would be ideal.

    A 4 sim card phone would also appeal to “players” and it would appeal to those wishing to have a presence on all the major networks.

    Please invent you global mobile techies!!

  7. Anybody know where I can get batteries and accessories for this phone – mine works as advertised but have lost cables and battery getting too old to hald a good charge 🙁

  8. how can i purchase this phone

  9. i want know price and more details
    Best Regards
    Hamada Badr

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