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How To Make A Particle Accelerator in Your Own Home or Office

It’s a curious thing, physics. It’s everywhere around us, yet without an education of its every function and reaction, most of us don’t see it, or at least acknowledge it. We know it’s there, but we’re immune to its actual nature. For instance, something as simple as peeling a piece of Scotch tape off of the roll. Most people would ...

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X-Ray Photobomb

Don’t you hate it when your doctor is one of those guys that just feels the need to be in every picture? I’ll hand it to him, he has a pretty impressive skull, but I refuse to condone such behavior, and it’s not just because I’m extremely jealous of this man’s normal-shaped head. Link

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Muppet Anatomy: Kermit the Frog Gets an X-Ray

Kermit the Frog was injured in a tragic domestic incident. It’s not hard to get hurt when you share a bed with a pig. One faulty roll and all of a sudden you’re suffocating. Anyway, here are the official x-rays released from his most recent injury. Doctors were looking for a broken wrist. Luckily the x-rays were negative. Link [via]

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Umbrella Made of X-Rays

After spending so much cash on x-rays, they usually wind up in some abandoned file, strewn in a closet or junk drawer. Take advantage of your old lady osteoporosis bones and at least use them for something. It might not be the most polite umbrella, but it’s something. Hope you have good medical insurance! You’ll need it to save up ...

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Scotch Tape X-Ray Is Almost DIY

Researchers at UCLA have constructed a machine that takes X-ray images using a roll of Scotch tape. When pulled apart, tape generates electromagnetic waves through simple friction. The researchers discovered in a vacuum, sticky tape also sends out strong enough X-rays to image your finger. Pretty neat, considering getting your hands on some Scotch tape isn’t too hard. Imagine if ...

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X-ray Art: I Can See Your Guts

In this crazy world we live in, anything can be considered art.� Even something as simple as an X-ray photograph has the potential of becoming the next Mona Lisa. Wait, now that I’ve browsed through Nick Veasey’s work, I’ve got to say this is way cooler than the Mona Lisa. I mean c’mon, she’s just an unattractively fat woman with ...

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