Particle Acceleration Discovered in Tycho Supernova

Back in 1572, astronomer Tycho Brahe discovered* a high-energy stellar explosion that is now known as SN 1572. This discovery was a huge moment for astronomy, as its sudden appearance led to the production of far more accurate star catalogs and other technology to track the cosmos.

Now, as it turns out, said explosion may be at least partially responsible for the cosmic rays that bombard Earth.

More pressing than that is the fact that NASA has discovered X-ray stripes inside the Tycho nebula. These stripes are believed to be areas where the magnetic fields within the blast wave are more messed up than in surrounding areas. The size of the stripes is believed to show that the forces at work in the nebula are some 100x more powerful than what is currently being produced with the Large Hadron Collider.

TL;DR: Space explosion releases a crap ton of energy.

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