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Because It’s (Almost) Friday: Chewbacca Riding a Squirrel and Battling Nazis

Little known fact: without the aid of the Wookiee army of Kashyyyk, it’s very likely that the U.S. and the allied forces would have been unable to control the Nazi advancement. While the Wookiee’s intervention is still kept out of most textbooks, most historians have come to accept our nasty little secret. But why would Chewbacca choose to help little ...

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Fixing a Hole: Guy Fixes WWII-Damaged German Buildings with LEGO Bricks

Germany took some serious damage in WWII. Just because they were kicking some ass for a few years doesn’t mean they didn’t get what was coming to them. To this day, many German buildings show the damage they sustained during the war. Jan (pronounced “Yahn,” I suppose) Vormann’s project Dispatchwork has been showing itself, piece by piece, throughout Berlin, in ...

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R.I.P. Captain America dead at 66

Known for protecting America against the Germans in WWII, and the Russians and Cubans during the Cold War, Captain America, famed and beloved comic book hero, is said to have passed away in the pages of his newest comic which hit shelves today. Captain America’s death is the result of sniper fire as he is leaving a court house. A ...

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