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iPod Shuffle Ranked as World’s Worst MP3 Player

Apple has some of the best and apparently the worst of gadgets around. The 2009 iPod Shuffle model was rated a dismal 51 out of 100 points, the worst among 9 similarly specced MP3 players. Navigation of the device was apparently one of many key problems, the voice controls ranked as one of the most common complaints. T3 points out ...

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Crap Console Equals Crap Repercussions

I warned you about the Wii. Some of you listened, most did not. Well, I hope all the Wii owners who couldn’t refrain from calling me a PS3/360 fanboy in the comments all crack their LCD screens while playing sub par games. I’ll be a fan of anything and I mean anything as long as it isn’t the Wii. Look ...

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Sorry to Disappoint, Fanboys

A lot of you are under the impression that the consoles I selected for my 10 Worst Gaming Consoles of All Time post were chosen for the fact that I simply don’t like them. You couldn’t be further from the truth with that assumption. The Nokia N-Gage being a portable console and my half-assed rant aside, I believe that in ...

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The 10 Worst Video Game Consoles Of All Time

UPDATE 5/21: Make sure to check out this post, too: Sorry to Disappoint, Fanboys. The console wars were more ferocious than any other war in history. You could say they top the Vietnam War, but you won’t. Many companies would rise and fall through the video game crash of 1983, yet only one would prevail to be the most terrible. ...

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