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The Birth of a Chip: A Tour Through a State-of-the-Art Clean Room

Applied Materials’ Maydan Technology Center in Santa Clara, California is a 39,000 square foot facility of cleanliness. The contents of these rooms hold our future. The birth of the modern computer begins here, where super machines built by Applied Materials constructs the most modern and powerful pieces of hardware using raw slices of silicon. Wired takes a tour of a ...

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Water-powered Snakebot Firefighter Looks Like My Junk

We don’t get the chance to see many snakebots. There’s the Japanese M-Tran, a shape shifting robot, but that hardly counts as a snakebot. Anna Konda, however, is very much a snakebot. Despite looking and acting very similarly to a penis, Anna is really a firefighter. Anna has 20 joints, each with 33 degrees of freedom, giving it an extensive ...

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Rock N’ Roll Pizzeria

There’s no rock and roll here. Just pure fucking metal. Oh, and a pizza too. Watch in amazement as a 2KW laser punctures a pie to perfection. I love the dude at the end who actually goes in for a slice. After all, if you’re not going to eat a laser-cut pizza, then what the heck’s the point of making ...

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Don’t Throw Away That Busted iPod Just Yet

Who says busted technology can’t have a second chance? After her brother backed over his own iPod with a car, Crafster.org user Stefferroo posted this DIY project directly inspired by the Nintendo controller mouse. She magically turned a ruined iPod into a working mouse. Don’t let the screen fool you, this MP3 player does not play music at all but ...

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YUBZ Makes The Wireless Become Wired

Cellphones are getting so small these days that you totally lose your cool factor by having your phone be so inconspicuous. I, for one, want people to know that I have an awesome phone. If you feel the need to draw some attention to your mobile life, YUBZ has created an old-style telephone receiver to add on to your cellphone. ...

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Buffalo BOMU-SL leaves mouse clicks in the past

So maybe you enjoy playing your favorite game, World of Warcraft, at night when no one is watching over your shoulder. Or maybe you have someone living in your place with you and they go to sleep way too early. If you ever feel the need to have a mouse that will allow you to never hear the click click ...

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