Buffalo BOMU-SL leaves mouse clicks in the past

bomu-sl mouse

So maybe you enjoy playing your favorite game, World of Warcraft, at night when no one is watching over your shoulder. Or maybe you have someone living in your place with you and they go to sleep way too early. If you ever feel the need to have a mouse that will allow you to never hear the click click of your current mouse, Buffalo has a mouse for you. The BOMU-SL is a completely silent mouse that leaves the clicks behind. This mouse is fully functional with a center scroll wheel with left and right click buttons, but unfortunately, Buffalo takes a step backwards and includes a hideous wire that you have to plug into your computer. Wireless is a necessity nowadays, wired mice and keyboards are no longer allowed. Period. Bluetooth or RF, take your pick. No wires.

bomu-sl mouse

bomu-sl mouse

Nik Gomez

BOMU-SL, the silent mouse for demanding users [Akihabaranews]

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  1. I would love this product. Just for that reason too. WoW at night. Maybe even a little UO while my wife sleeps. Why don’t you be a good bunch of people and tell me where I can buy this thing with the stupid wire.


  2. well I happen to liked wired mice.

    what the heck do you need a wireless mouse for?! so it can die and piss you off when you don’t have batteries and don’t want to wait for it to recharge? does anyone take their mouse further away that a cord will let them? I think very few people except for maybe gamers who use their television as their gaming monitor.

    too bad the only place I found that sells it has it for 50 bucks (audiocubes.com)

    a bit pricey for a mouse if you ask me.

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