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Please Don’t Take My Beta Chrome Away (1)

Adam Rothstein is a blogger, tech thinker, unemployed philosopher�and now, a beta tester of one of the coveted Google Chrome notebook computers. In the first of four posts about the beta experience, Adam finds that the unnanounced arrival of the device makes him feel like a combination of The Matrix's Neo and a Milo from The Phantom Tollbooth.

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Whose Twitter Followers Are More Stupid? Stupid Fight Has the Answer

While the answer is likely very clear on whether the followers of the CERN or followers of Justin Bieber are, in general, smarter, what about a comparison that’s slightly more oblique. Let’s say, Justin Bieber followers vs Ashton Kutcher�followers. �Stupid Fight is a web app which tells you exactly which group of followers is more stupid. But how exactly do ...

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Hulu iPhone App in the Works; Release Planned In Next Few Months

Dance party time! This has been on the top of my application wish list as long as I can remember having one. According to an industry executive in the know, Hulu is developing a “badass” iPhone application which would allow users to watch video over both Wi-Fi and 3G connections. While other video web applications have taken a stab at ...

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