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Ultra Conspicuous USB Hand Warmer

Check out this USB “hand warmer” stick. It doesn’t have the finger grips that the other USB hand warmer has, but it costs a dollar more. Strange. Oh, who am I kidding. This thing is as much for your hands as a monitor is for your head. In truth, this is a covert dildo for pleasuring either yourself, a loved ...

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USB Hand Warmer Reduces Shrinkage For All Night Wank-Fest

What can’t be done now with USB ports (other than curing cancer and solving world hunger)? The USB Hand Warmer adds another addition to bodily warming USB devices, such as the Ass Warmer. The USB Hand Warmer takes about 25 minutes to heat up to a soothing 50 degrees. Being at the computer all day, I know my hands become ...

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