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Wonder Woman Gets a Modern Makeover

After nearly 70 years of wearing the same sexy costume, Wonder Woman has been given a makeover. But that’s not the only change in store. In Wonder Woman issue #600, writer J. Michael Straczynski also delves back into Wonder Woman’s past, reexamining her origins. Instead of being raised as Amazon royalty, Diana was smuggled from the island as a baby ...

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Super Mario Suits That Never Existed (But Should Have)

I’ve been content long enough. No longer will the propeller and penguin suits hold me over. I’m sorry Nintendo, there’s only so much I can take. CollegeHumor created an amazing assortment of Super Mario suits that never found a spot into the plumber’s wardrobe, but most certainly should have if Nintendo have had the balls to create some of these. ...

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What-a to Wear?: A Tour of Mario’s Wardrobe

Mario has gone through quite a bit of clothing throughout the years. Enough that he’s built quite a respectable wardrobe. Designer Glen Brogan created this design as a potential t-shirt entry. You can vote for it over at Splitreason. Not only would I rock it, I’d… well, yeah, I’d pretty much just rock it. Link [via]

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Steve Jobs and The Search For A New Look

Jim Lynch over at Extreme Tech wrote a funny post we just couldn’t ignore. Almost the entire column goes over how much Steve Jobs is in dire need of a wardrobe intervention. All of his clothes are either too short or too baggy due to his recent loss of weight. C’mon Steve, you’ve got cash, you can afford leather. Anything ...

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Russian CD Fanatics Add Discs To Their Wardrobe

These guys really love their CDs. So much so, that they have made a wardrobe out of them. What looks to be CD armor, these guys have put together some gear out of recycled compact discs (might spark flames if you sit too fast on the CD chair). I strongly suggest not wearing this out in public unless you want ...

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Jet Airways to offer private quarters

While one airline contemplates adding even more crampage to airplanes, another is focusing on making the intimate first-class seats even more intimate. Which we must say, we must prefer. Jet Airways announced their plans to integrate private suites into their planes which would only house two people. Each passenger has their own wardrobe hanging area, a pullout sleep quarter, along ...

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