Wonder Woman Gets a Modern Makeover

After nearly 70 years of wearing the same sexy costume, Wonder Woman has been given a makeover. But that’s not the only change in store. In Wonder Woman issue #600, writer J. Michael Straczynski also delves back into Wonder Woman’s past, reexamining her origins.

Instead of being raised as Amazon royalty, Diana was smuggled from the island as a baby when her home was destroyed. Presumably, she�s since been raised on the mainland, where she�s clearly aware of her background, but has taken on a more fashion-forward and functional than the traditional �swimsuit� outfit she�s worn from her beginning.

So while the real news here might be the new threads, I think it’s also relevant to discus the growing trend in comics to modernize back story’s and wardrobe. Is nothing sacred? Even the sexiest of outfits are at risk. Justice League, watch yo back,


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