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The Wonderful Gallery of Science: Vitruvian Man

The renaissance Vitruvian Man helped to bring about was above all a rehabilitation of the human being as the pinnacle of creation and the expression of a divine ideal; with the discovery of new cultures and ideals that followed, the notion of a single human ideal would be put to the severest test.

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The Wonderful Gallery of Science

images have been important in the story of science and technology for a very long time�especially since the advent of movable type and the printing press in the West. I�m asking for help in compiling the Wonderful Gallery of Scientific Imagery. What images have had the greatest impact on the course of scientific knowledge and technological innovation?

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The Vitruvian Inspector: Go Go Gadget Da Vinci!

Vitruvius Pollio, the man who inspired Leonardo da Vinci’s work on his iconic Vitruvian Man, once described the human body as being “the principal source of proportion among the Classical orders of architecture.” Maybe that’s true when you’re dealing with a perfectly proportioned male specimen, such as myself, but Inspector Gadget’s form is more akin to that of a fun ...

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