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Geordi Has 99 Problems

Jay-Z meets Geordi La Forge and the Star Trek generation. In the distant future, there’s a certain VISOR-wearing engineer who happens to listen to rap oldies. The result? A little psuedo-sci-fi free stylin’ biotch. [via]

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Flair Hair Visor Transforms You Into Even More of a Douchebag

Balding got you down? Is your hairstyle just not douche-y enough? The Flair Hair Visor gives you that look of douchebaggery you’ve been craving, transforming any receding hairline into a spiky nest of asshat. Let’s be honest, the visor is just an act. A convenient way to hide the wig. If your buying this hat, you’re likely not purchasing it ...

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Awesome Sun Visor With Built-In Touchscreen DVD Player And TV

Distractable drivers beware. This Touchscreen Sun Visor is just another way for you to swerve lanes and miss red lights as you ogle at the DVD or TV you watch, thanks to the ultra-sensitive TV tuner included. It also has radio, but so does your car. So, yeah, we’re pretty sure that the Touchscreen Sun Visor is made for passengers, ...

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Annoying passengers? Visor solves that problem.

Forget cellphones, all the screens going into cars nowadays are causing all of the crashes. It’s not that the driver of the car is driving wrecklessly, it’s the driver of the car behind the car with the movie playing. Really people, watching movies while driving is not safe! Now we have the Visor. It is a flip-down visor has a ...

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