Awesome Sun Visor With Built-In Touchscreen DVD Player And TV


Distractable drivers beware. This Touchscreen Sun Visor is just another way for you to swerve lanes and miss red lights as you ogle at the DVD or TV you watch, thanks to the ultra-sensitive TV tuner included. It also has radio, but so does your car.

So, yeah, we’re pretty sure that the Touchscreen Sun Visor is made for passengers, and not drivers, but something tells me that all it takes is a sudden dose of ADD to be totally infatuated with the episode of Family Guy that your passenger is watching. Get yours for $128. Hit the jump for specs and more pics.



– Video Formats: High sensitive TV tuner + antenna: preset 100 channels
– Radio transmission: 14 stations storable
– Can connect to rearview camera
– Auto memory: All the set parameters and positions can be memorized and restored automatically
– Shock proof memory: Two seconds ERP electronic aegis
– Remote controller: Full functional remote operation
– Video output/input: Two video intput, one video output
– Power Supply: DC-12V
– Maximal power: 40Wx4
– Dimension: 147�376x26mm


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