Annoying passengers? Visor solves that problem.

visor theatre

Forget cellphones, all the screens going into cars nowadays are causing all of the crashes. It’s not that the driver of the car is driving wrecklessly, it’s the driver of the car behind the car with the movie playing. Really people, watching movies while driving is not safe!

Now we have the Visor. It is a flip-down visor has a TV/DVD player with an FM transmitter in order to keep your passengers entertained and out of your hair. So however unsafe this device is (and however illegal), if you can afford it, you’ll probably be rushing out to your local hi-tech car shop to rip this off of the shelves. $300 is all it’ll cost you. Is that really worth the peace and quiet while driving? –Nik Gomez

Car 7-inch Sun Visor TV/DVD Player and FM Transmitter [via The Gadget Blog]

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