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Where’s Vince?

Seriously, where’s Vince? Could he be rock climbing like this wire-clad lad attached to my fridge? Absolutely not. Vince couldn’t climb if his ass depended on it. I hear he’s in LA meeting with important people concerning important things exchanging important facts in an important room, but then again – what do I know?

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Gearfuse Puts The Port-O-Pong To The Test

Back in July, I briefly mentioned a beer pong raft that ruins the fundamental experience that is the game of beer pong. Well, the creators behind the Port-O-Pong weren’t too pleased about that, so they sent us one. Needless to say, my face lit up when it arrived at my doorstep. The advertisers claim it can be played “anywhere on ...

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Outtakes: 20 Alternatives to the Wii Fit

When we did 10 Alternatives to the Wii Fit, we originally filmed 20+ clips. We were going to do 20 Alternatives to the Wii Fit but it ended up being a long video. Above, the clips that were never shown…until today. God help you. Link

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Hello and Welcome

Gearfuse Readers, I was going to write some long, rambling manifesto introducing myself but then breakfast came. You see, in Queens, you can order your breakfast from a second-rate deli and they’ll deliver it for free as long as you tip the guy a buck. They not only brought me a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, I also was able ...

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