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Remote Control Hummer For Snobby Rich Kids Who Thought They Had It All

From the inflatable to the perverted, we’ve seen it all when it comes to R/C powered toys. But what about for that one rich snobby bastard kid in every city who seems to have it all? The Remote Controlled Hummer is probably not something that little brat got under their Christmas tree last year. Yes, it is a full sized ...

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Topsy-Turvy School Bus Turns Child’s Life Inside Out

I don’t know about you, but if I was still in elementary school, and one day a bus like this came to pick me up, I would flip the fuck out! The Topsy-Turvy Bus defies the laws of reality by offering a mirror image of itself, on top of….itself. At least if this bus were to flip over in an ...

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Hyper-Sub Takes To The Waves (And Under Them Too)

The Marion Hyper-Sub Submersible Powerboat is not your average sea bearing vessel. The Hyper-Sub can operate as both a boat and a submarine, both equally well. And it can look pretty sweet while doing it too. Creator Reynolds Marion enlisted the help of his mechanical engineer neighbor to help create the schematics for the Hyper-Sub, and as it turns out, ...

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