Remote Control Hummer For Snobby Rich Kids Who Thought They Had It All


From the inflatable to the perverted, we’ve seen it all when it comes to R/C powered toys. But what about for that one rich snobby bastard kid in every city who seems to have it all? The Remote Controlled Hummer is probably not something that little brat got under their Christmas tree last year.

Yes, it is a full sized hummer. Fully capable of mowing down a small crowd of elderly couples and nuns, or even encasing a full night club. It’s probably not the best idea to allow a child to control a full-scale Hummer (without it being made out of some sort of pliable material), seeing as anyone else being behind the wheel needs to have something called a ‘driver’s license’. And anyone willing to spend �30,000 (around $60,300) on their child’s Christmas gift needs to have their head examined, or at least provide sufficient armor. — Andrew Dobrow


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