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DIY: UV Oven For Exposing PCBs

Here’s an easy way to turn an Ikea dresser into an ulta-violet oven used for exposing printed circuit boards. Blogger Aris gutted the drawers and mounted the top with an array of 35 ultra-violet LEDs that are powered by an HP printer transformer with a 1A/37V output. That’s a heck of a lot of power. What resulted were some nice ...

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Let those beads speak of the doom of UV light

It’s a common saying in Japan that UV light is the biggest enemy to women because it makes them age faster. So a lot of beauty products have been abusing this concept to target its consumers. Instead of trying to reverse the damage, wouldn’t it be great to have something handy to warn you just before those freckles come out? ...

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2 months with the UV lamped toothbrush case

Japanese are obsessive with hygiene, so much that somebody invented the ultimate toothbrush carrying case with built-in UV lamp; supposedly it’ll kill germs. While everything sounds so much like a dream, the case is so portable, the UV lamp runs on AAA batteries. So the guys who tested it took it for a try, their conclusion this morning is that ...

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Clean your clothes through the power of UV

Cuddles the Bear might be out of business if this contraption ever sees the light of day. Get it? Light? Ha…ha…nothing? By the year 2020, you might have a UV Cleaner very similar to this one pictured, right in the comfort of your home. We all know that one of the annoyances in life is remembering to bring your suit ...

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