Clean your clothes through the power of UV

uv cleaner

Cuddles the Bear might be out of business if this contraption ever sees the light of day. Get it? Light? Ha…ha…nothing? By the year 2020, you might have a UV Cleaner very similar to this one pictured, right in the comfort of your home. We all know that one of the annoyances in life is remembering to bring your suit to the cleaners days before an event, just to wait for days more just to have it cleaned. The designers of the UV Cleaner say that this contraption will be able to clean a suit in one day, just in case someone decides to throw an impromptu formal bash, or maybe just for those times you don’t feel like driving to your local cleaners. At least you could be productively lazy.

uv cleaner

Andrew Dobrow

UV Cleaner [Yanko Design]

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