Let those beads speak of the doom of UV light


It’s a common saying in Japan that UV light is the biggest enemy to women because it makes them age faster. So a lot of beauty products have been abusing this concept to target its consumers.

Instead of trying to reverse the damage, wouldn’t it be great to have something handy to warn you just before those freckles come out? You got it, the “UV Beads Checker” will change color under strong UV light. So you’ll know just exactly when to scream and hide in the shades. They come in the form of cellphone charms, but of course you can be a little more creative, tie them up your hair and make new friends. Besides, you can also attach an additional piece of Swarovski crystal just for the effect.

The prices for UV Beads Checker starts at $6, feel free to join the other 9638 satisfied customers. —Sam Chan


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