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Portable Nasal Mucus Remover Doubles As An Automatic Weapon

� Nasal aspirators are in no way described as fun. They are traditionally made of rubber and used by over-zealous parents to forcibly remove snot from infant’s noses. A patent for a Portable Nasal Mucus Remover unveils a aspirator that looks more like a torture device than a medical tool. Geared more towards children removing their snot independently, the Mucus ...

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The Life Expectancy Timepiece Doesn’t Faze Immortals

If you’ve ever played around with one of those online “death calculators”, you know that knowing your own death date isn’t exactly a stress reliever. Not knowing when you’re gonna go is even more nerve wracking. A recent patent reveals this idea for a Life Expectancy Timepiece, which is surely the insurance company’s dream. Relying on the same actuarial tables ...

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Bose home theater surround sound for your throne

Home entertainment wizard Bose has a few tricks left up their sleeves, as can be seen from this recently released patent. Bose wants to use electroacoustical transducer technology to integrate a 5.1 surround sound system right into your seat. The system would also allow for cellular devices to be embedded directly into your chair. The patent descirbes the product, “…an ...

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Next gen iPod will have a “touch surface” on its rear

What’s Apple gonna do with all that junk? All that junk in the next gen iPod’s trunk! I’ll tell you exactly what Apple is going to do. They’re going to drive us all crazy with the suspense until it’s released. A newly released patent suggests that the next iPod release will have a touch surface on its backside, with the ...

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Microsoft patent hints at Zune Phone UI

The confirmation of the iPhone barely out of Steve Jobs’ mouth before rumors started popping up about a possible Zune phone in the works from Microsoft. A newly published patent, which was submitted last year by the Gates’ Squad, seems to be the UI of a possible Zune phone. Whatever it is, it’s definitely some kind of interface for a ...

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Kinetic powered mobile phone patented, will recharge when you move

With most mobile companies working their hardest to improve battery life and charge time, there are other options popping up as well. This patent for Kinetic power phones would make recharging as easy as shaking the phone, an idea explored in the past only as a concept by ModeLabs. The kinetic energy to electric energy technology is not new in ...

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