Microsoft patent hints at Zune Phone UI


The confirmation of the iPhone barely out of Steve Jobs’ mouth before rumors started popping up about a possible Zune phone in the works from Microsoft. A newly published patent, which was submitted last year by the Gates’ Squad, seems to be the UI of a possible Zune phone. Whatever it is, it’s definitely some kind of interface for a mobile device. The patent describes an interface with dynamic tiles, changing to match the suit of any running application.

Some of the logos displayed on the UI are really interesting actually. There’s one that seems to be the iconic scale of justice. Will the Zune phone double as a lawyer as well? The most important factor we need to know is whether a Zune phone would display blue screens on system errors. If that was the case we’re not sure if we could even think about purchasing it. Hell, for all we know, the Zune 2 could have been planned to be a mobile device all along. — Andrew Dobrow

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